Hanging in Crayonville

I was playing around in Second Life again for a bit on Saturday morning. I flew over to Crayonville, not expecting to find anyone there. (Who the hell hangs out at a marketing agency at 8 AM on a Saturday morning?) As I was walking around Jaffe's digs, I was practicing all the little skills I learned in the tutorial. I sat down in some of the chairs, got myself a Crayon T-shirt, played the piano a bit. I was about to steal a cup of joe from the coffee machine when I noticed another avatar outside the building. Turned out it was a guy from a marketing company in Russia, so we sat down and chatted for a while. (My first SL chat - unless you count telling the creeps to get away from me during my brief stint with my female avatar.) We were talking for a bit when we were approached by someone who worked for an adult entertainment company. We chatted for a bit and then Real Life called, so I had to bail.

Speaking of Jaffe, he played my PayPerPost interview from Ad Tech in its entirety on Across The Sound this week, making PayPerPost his "loser of the week." Funny.