Maine War Story #2 - Things That Growl In The Night

At about 3 AM one of the last nights we were out on the island, I awoke to a growling sound coming from outside the cabin window. It sounded almost like when ya dog gets really angry and gives you one of those low growls right before he snaps at you. Since the only wild creatures on the island are the ones that can swim or fly there, I dismissed it as something I might have dreamed. But then I heard it again.

Of course, Craig and Dan were sacked out in their bedrooms down the hall and would have slept through the whole thing. I decided discretion was the better part of valor and woke Craig. He thought it might have been a bear, and he decided to ask Dan if he had heard anything. A half-asleep Dan replied, "Bear? Sure. Okay." Obviously he was still in dreamland.

Craig loaded up the .22 with a few shells just to make some noise and blew off a few rounds into the night sky. We didn't hear from whatever it was again, and my hearing is now suspect, but I definitely heard a couple growls from something right on the shoreline. I'm kinda glad whatever it was decided to take off, since a bear would probably laugh at a .22 bullet, and we didn't have anything else handy.